BPW 刹车蹄

The brake shoe production line was build in 2008, quality steel as material,Product is made of stamping forming,automatic welding, CNC milling, shot blasting derusting, electrophoresis painting, national excellent quality, first-class production process. Yearly capacity: 1000000 pcs. Mainly production equipment: Hydraulic scissor plate shears,half closed single point press,open press with fixed bed, the brake shoe direct Angle welding machine, automatic brake shoe plug welding Machine, automatic brake shoe horn welding machine, four-column hydraulic press, CNC milling machine, shot blasting cleaning machine, shoe electrophoresis painting line,pneumatic marking machine, semi-automatic riveting machine,multi-function hydraulic shoe for riveting machine, grinding machine, shoe assembly heavy vehicle outer arc grinding machine, dual cycle heat shrinkable packaging machine.


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